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Our History

Hacienda El Rosalejo: witness to essential episodes in the History of Spain in the 18th century

A family resort

Since the Coplas for the death of his father Jorge Manrique collected news about the Girones estate –lineage of the Ahumada-, this family has been qualifying its nobility in various architectures.

Among the properties of the Ducal House of the Ahumada one of them stands out: the Hacienda El Rosalejo, a farmhouse that has witnessed essential episodes in the history of Spain in the 20th century. XVIII.



We are responsible for the environment, our family history, rural life and the culture of our region.



We embrace each guest with warmth and kindness, turning their stay into an unforgettable experience.



We promote contact with nature through carrying out a multitude of outdoor activities.



We offer high quality service in all areas of the hotel. We make continuous improvements to our facilities.



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A colonial generation

The importance of El Rosalejo dates back to the dawn of the 15th century, but its passage into history is due to moments as important as the creation of the Civil Guard Corps. It was in 1844 when the regulations that allowed the subsequent founding of this institution were drafted in this same place. After more than 175 years, it is still an honor to have given space and time to such an important moment in the history of Spain. At the head of the signing of the Statutes of the Civil Guard, the great-great-grandfather of Javier Chico de Guzmán y Girón, Francisco Javier Girón y Ezpeleta, II Duke of Ahumada and V Marquis of las Amarillas.

One of the aspects that most surprises our guests is the decoration of El Rosalejo. This complex preserves the colonial spirit of its first construction, but combines historical elements with more modern design touches. In this Andalusian farmhouse we find everything from arches reminiscent of Mudejar to buildings inspired by the Alhambra.

At the beginning of the 19th century, some rooms, including the house, were burned and destroyed by Napoleonic troops during the War of Independence. In 1830 it was rebuilt and, since then, it has undergone renovations and maintenance work. It has been since 2000 that El Rosalejo has undergone a new stage of comprehensive renovation, an initiative in which Elvira Manrique de Lara y Benitez de Lugo, wife of Javier Chico de Guzmán y Girón, has been in charge.

Ahumada family

If there is one thing we can boast about at El Rosalejo, it is our history. At the Hacienda the Ahumada family has experienced unique moments that have marked the current situation of the country. But it has also been the family meeting point for many generations of the family. Today we can enjoy a magical place with our visitors. And we couldn’t be happier to share it with you.

This typical Andalusian farmhouse was created in the 18th century and, since then, it has been passed down from generation to generation, becoming one of the most historic houses in our country. Currently, the person who manages the Hacienda is Javier Chico de Guzmán y Girón, VI Duke of Ahumada, head of the House of the Ahumada of the Girones estate, IX Marquis of las Amarillas and master of Ronda. His taste for the culinary world has led him to also hold the position of member of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy. A passion for gourmet creations that is reflected in the high quality of El Rosalejo’s gastronomic offering.

Francisco Javier Girón, II Duke of Ahumada

Tradition embraced by modernity